Beat the primate and break the record

Memospeed is an intuitive memory game with only one rule and 48 levels of difficulty. Playing Memospeed is as simple as to choose an amount of numbers, letters or fruits you want to memorize, watch them on colored circles and then disclose them as quickly as possible.

Play this exciting game to meet the challenge against the primate which masters it so well in the video and try to beat your friends’ or the entire community’s record.

No registration required, no complicated rules. Just download the game, start playing and have fun! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!


– Ease of use
– Free choice of difficulty level
– Dashboard
– Visualization of individual performances and current records
– Chart for individual performances at each level of difficulty
– The chart allows you to estimate your level of concentration in a given period (e.g. one day, one week, one month, etc.)
– Ability to share your performances with friends and fans on social networks
– The game is optimized for phones and tablets

English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Turkish, Korean