Youpi24 IT Solutions & Consulting has been settled as part of its consulting division scale projects with major clients in the banking/finance, insurance, online marketing and publishing industry.

The portfolio with our own mobile and web products designed to serve our B2C customers currently consists of:

Bridging the Gap Between suppliers and merchants in emerging markets.

In many respects, this App remind you at the same time on Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter, because it combines the learning and entertaining potential of the mentioned apps by allowing you to maintain your knowledge in various areas on illustrative and entertaining way. YoupiQuiz is therefore more than just a fun and exciting trivia game. Each quiz contains pictures and clues through which the player can navigate to fetch inspiration as needed. The simple game’s principle is the faster you answer correctly, the more you score.

This simple word game will test and enrich/refresh your vocabulary on an easy and very entertaining way. The game is based on guessing words with a number of letters that you can freely choose. You start by choosing one of the levels Basic, Intermediate and Advanced as well as the number of letters each word you want to guess or discover will contain.

With the online gaming portal Youpilotto, users are experiencing a new, smart and highly interactive approach of playing lottery. Our specialists have developed ingenious statistical methods and put the best web technologies in contribution to design and implement a web platform which now allows users to control and optimize their chances by all lottery games.

This game is designed to let humans challenge and eventually beat an ape that can memorize and disclose randomly displayed sequences in an unbelievable speed. It is an intuitive memory game with only one rule and 48 levels of difficulty. Playing Memospeed is as simple as to choose an amount of numbers, letters or fruits you want to memorize, watch them on colored circles and then disclose them as quickly as possible.